Sustainability Pledge

The Amiga Yoga Pledge

We believe in empowering the creative senses of our souls to work towards making positive lifestyle changes that benefit ourselves, our community and the planet. We provide our customers with a variety of products, some that go beyond their intended use by reducing their environmental impact through sustainable manufacturing, while others support financial growth and independence of women and impoverished communities, or encourage women to adopt a positive body image. We strive to become more sustainable, and will continue to grow our efforts by mindfully sourcing sustainable and eco friendly goods whenever possible. We are committed to sharing resources to help all of us create our own environmentally and socially conscious practices. We invite you to join us on this journey. We believe in a future that holds a deeper sense of awareness and presence for our earth and global community. We are building this through the friendship and union of brands, suppliers and customers. Please take the Amiga Yoga Pledge to commit to doing your part: buying high-quality things manufactured with care and integrity that you love deeply and will use often and for many years.

Let’s commit! Commit to practice. Commit to yourself. Commit to Earth 

Our Customers Pledge

We ask our community to commit to buying things of higher quality that are eco friendly and sustainable, or things that you’ll love and promise to use them as long as possible. This means caring for clothing to preserve its lifetime to reduce its impact and be conscious about recycling your apparel. Take the pledge and receive a 20% discount on your next order!  Please Join Us. Commit to yourself. Commit to your practice. Commit to the Earth.