Amiga Yoga is committed to bringing mindfully-made, environmentally-respectful, socially-conscious, unique, high-quality goods to our community whenever possible- and in doing so, supporting the efforts to care for our planet and our global community. In addition, we recognize the need for slow fashion now more than ever. We strongly encourage you to buy only what you love and commit to caring for it longer. But is there more we can do?

Amiga Yoga is constantly seeking ways to be more sustainable. How can we do this?
  • Rather than purchase over abundance of stock from our wholesaler manufactures, we have implemented a Pre Order system that will enable us to purchase simply what our customers want or need.
  • You can also place your Pre Order here for items that aren't yet available in the market place. 
  • You can Pre-Order Hand Crafted Items and in some cases provide your color preferences to the creator. These items will be hand picked, or made to your desire. (hammocks-turbans-flow pant, and more)

With Sustainable efforts like these, we are hoping will be less impactful on the environment. So please stay tuned for our Mindfully Sourced Collections up and coming and the Hand Crafted items on our website. Shipping times may vary from regular merchandise.