Our intent is to cultivate a sense of awareness and presence in our community. We aim to elevate and support the positive implementation of environmental practices in the yoga, fashion and lifestyle industries. Focused on empowering the creative senses of ones soul, we support our customers to make positive lifestyle and environmental changes. Doing so, by raising the level of awareness of each individual's environmental consciousness. We provide products that are sustainably manufactured with eco friendly, recycled textiles, organic materials, or natural fabrics whenever possible. We collaborate with “like minded” brands to bring you the best quality goods-ones that you can feel good about wearing!

Secondly, we collaborate with brands that are ethical in practice, and carry a “strong body image acceptance” message. With these brands and customers who utilize them-we continue to promote the adoption of an environmental consciousness by educating and providing various recycle programs. Additionally, our intention is to be forever remembered as a brand that gives back to various communities at large, whether through charitable donations or service. Our intent remains focused on elevating the way we think, connect, and interact with others as well as our planet!